Marc My Words

They Don’t Deserve Forgiveness

And neither do you! The truth is no one DESERVES forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a gift that releases you from the stress of anger and your offender from their guilt.

No one who is rude and offensive deserves gifts. Ideally, we give gifts to people we like.

But the truth is who actually deserves gifts? A gift given based on merit is actually a payment.

That’s what makes for-gift-ness so powerful; it goes to undeserving people.

We assume that because people are arrogant or dismissive about their offense, that they don’t feel guilty.

Prideful people still have guilt. They just choose pride instead of humility as their response.

So why should you forgive? Because hate is a parasite. It attaches itself to every relationship you have and feeds on your trust.

Save what’s left and free yourself by freeing others. All things are possible with God, even forgiveness.